Football Pride Week

Football Pride Week – International meeting of anti-discriminationary football fans on homophobia in Football

On the occasion of the first network meeting of QFF – Queer Football Fanclubs (QFF) in Berlin and the 5th anniversary of the initiative Football Football fans against Homophobia (FFAH), the network wants to invite everybody, together with Football Supporters Europe (FSE) and the Lesben- und Schwulenverband Berlin-Brandenburg ( LSVD ), to a multi-day international football fans conference on homophobia in football, from 05.10. – 09.10.2016 to Berlin.

In various workshops, panel discussions and meetings we want to make aware, sensitize and educate about the issue of homophobia in football and work out strategies and Options for footballing bodies and fans. A special focus is also on the dialogue between fans, Clubs and associations.

Registration and admission are free:

>> Wednesday, 5th OCTOBER 2016 (from 19 hrs)
“Get together” – barbecue at Fanprojekt Berlin

>> Thursday, 6th OCTOBER 2016
Conference – Dialogue between German clubs, associations and fans (in German)

>> Friday, 7th OCTOBER 2016
Conference – International fans commitment against homophobia (in English)
+ Birthday reception “Five years of Fussballfans gegen Homophobie”

>> Saturday, 8th OCTOBER 2016
QFF annual meeting (in German) / FSE ADD Meeting (in English)
+ Closing party SchwuZ

>> Sunday, 9th OCTOBER 2016
QFF-Sunday lunch (Pasta-Buffet)