Open Letter to UEFA

In conjunction with Three Lions Pride, we wrote an Open Letter to UEFA calling on them to demand action from the Polish FA. This was sent in light of the failure of the Polish FA to respond to recent displays of banners containing anti-LGBT and homophobic language at league clubs within Poland. You can see the text of the letter below.

This is an open letter to UEFA from Pride in Football (the UK alliance of
LGBT+ football supporters) and Three Lions Pride (the England Men's team LGBT+ fan group)
We are deeply concerned at the apparent lack of action from the Polish FA in response to recent anti-LGBT and homophobic fan banners at clubs in Poland.
LGBT+ fans (and all supporters including those from any minority community) should feel safe and welcome to watch their team wherever they are playing. UEFA's constitutional machinery champions such equality - and the criteria for eligibility to participate in its competitions specifies that member associations actively address any form of discrimination.
The absence of a visible response to displays of bigotry at its league clubs in the last few weeks is a clear breach of this requirement and we suggest that the Polish national team should forfeit the right to play Sunday's game in Warsaw unless there's an immediate and unqualified condemnation of the actions ahead of the game.
As fans we understand it would be devastating for both countries' supporters and players to be penalised for the behaviour of others, but it's well within the Polish FA's power to ensure urgent action is taken to redeem the situation and prevent such a sanction.
We're aware of the forthcoming #EqualGame conference at Wembley in April and note that commitments shared there may be deemed less than compelling if
UEFA haven't invoked suitable and timely reparation from a member association for these shameful incidents.

Rainbow Laces 2018

This year, 2018, will be remembered as a year which has seen the annual Rainbow Laces campaign benefit from added fan empowerment and involvement. This is something which is clearly demonstrated when considering the ease at which projects originating from LGBT+ Fans Groups have been able to gain mass media coverage. The change is a welcome one, and is one which has come about after we have seen a noticeable increase in the inclusion of LGBT+ groups by clubs when planning for events and engagement to take place around their designated Rainbow Laces 2018 fixtures, as well as seeing more of a focus being given to the campaign by match-day broadcasters.

Check out some more images from the Rainbow Laces 2018 campaign.

Want to get more involved?

Why not check out our Member Groups page? This is where you can find contact details for your team’s LGBT+ group, who can help you to get more involved in events at your club. Or you can head over to our Contact Us page. This is where you can find out how to get in touch with us here at Pride in Football directly.