Core Values and Ground Rules

We base all our decisions on our Core Values: 

Everyone who joins the group agrees to uphold them. 

Our aim is for an alliance of LGBTQI Football Fan Groups that can change the experience of all Fans for the better through helping new groups develop, sharing good practice and representing the interests of LGBTQI fans to relevant bodies and

  1. Is Inclusive
  2. Is Accessible 
  3. Promotes Equality 
  4. Celebrates Diversity 
  5. Develops Community 
  6. Educates and raises awareness of LGBT issues 
  7. Overcomes intolerance and prejudice of any kind  
  8. Changes negative attitudes 
  9. Is ethical and sustainable 
  10. Encourages enthusiastic volunteers 
  11. Treats people with respect at all times and avoids abusive or discriminatory language 
  12. Works positively and creatively to ensure everyone feels welcome whatever their age, sex, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation.

Ground Rules:

  1. Uphold our Core Values 
  2. Do what you say you will do 
  3. Be accountable for what you do 
  4. Behave responsibly when acting in name of the group 
  5. When in meetings speak one at a time 
  6. Respect one another’s abilities and energy levels 
  7. Dream but be realistic and practical about what we can achieve 
  8. Be open and honest – if you have concerns or worries, express them but try to focus on the positives 
  9. Trust one another 
  10. Respect confidentiality 
  11. Work democratically – you won’t agree with every decision made in the group but you should respect it 
  12. Avoid emails/texts/social media post and tweets that might cause distress – talk to one another about important issues 
  13. Discuss any differences considerately and directly; not behind people’s’ backs – ask for a referee if necessary!